Seminar S3

Operating and Maintenance of LEWA odorizing systems

The seminar is intended for engineers and technicians who operate LEWA odorizing systems.


  • Introduction, General information
  • Standard odorizing systems for change odorant storage OD7 / OD8 (DA7 / DA8)
  • Standard odorizing systems with standard odorant storage OD-60-1000 / OD-3000-17000
  • LEWA Metering pumps
  • Flow meter KMM1 / 5 ; LFM 10; ZHM
  • Control unit OLK7 / ODR7 / ExOT7 / IRK20 / MVS1 / OExD / OKR7
  • Control unit OCU / SIOU / IOU / EXU
  • Miscellaneous


  • To know mechanical and hydraulically basics, which applies during operation of odorizing
  • To know applications and features of LEWA odorizing equipment
  • To be able to operate and maintain the odorizing systems


Seminar S3
Language Start End Participation  
German 18.03.2019
13:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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English 07.05.2019
13:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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German 23.09.2019
13:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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€ 400,- + 19 % VAT

Softdrinks during breaks and lunch are included in the services. LEWA invites you to dinner at the first seminar day.


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  • +48 22 6358-204

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