Seminar S2

Maintenance and repair of metering pumps 

The seminar is intended for personell which has to install, assemble, commission, operate, maintain and repair LEWA metering pumps.


  • Design and properties of metering pumps
  • Technique of drive elements
  • Technique of pump heads
  • Evolution from plunger pump to diaphragm pump
  • Integration of the metering pump into the complete system
  • Accessories
  • Discharge characteristics
  • Co-function pump / plant. Pump and pipeline as oscillating system
  • Pressure amplitudes at under critical operation; pressure shocks
  • Operating criteria of reciprocating positive displacement pumps
  • Damping of pressure and flow pulsation
  • Valves and applications
  • Workshop failure detection and diagnostics
  • Practical training maintenance and repair
  • Drive element assembly, combination of multiplex pumps
  • Assembly of plunger pump heads, replacing plunger seals
  • Assembly of diaphragm pump heads
  • Lapping valves, installation for plungers, setting of valves
  • Commissioning and test run
  • Damping of pressure and flow pulsations
  • Demonstrating with test stands
  • Installation and adjustment of stroke actuators
  • Work on different metering pumps
  • Discussion and exchange of experience


  • To know mechanically and hydraulically basics, which applies during operation of metering pumps
  • Describe the evolution from plunger pump to diaphragm pump and behaviour in case of failures
  • Know the functioning of diaphragm pump heads and main type of seals and valves
  • Know the advantage of a triplex pump and how to assemble it referring to operating manual
  • List the different types of fluid valves and there applications
  • List four out of five failure impacts and name per impact two possible reasons and two possible correctives
  • Be able to fulfil maintenance and repair tasks referring to operating manual


Seminar S2
Language Start End Particpation  
English 27.05.2019
09:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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German 25.06.2019
09:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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German 17.09.2019
09:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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German 26.11.2019
09:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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English 03.12.2019
09:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
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€ 1000,- + 19 % VAT

Softdrinks during breaks and lunch are included in the services. LEWA invites you to dinner at the first seminar day.


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